Foley Defense LLC. would like to invite your FFL dealership to our Cerakote Gun Coating referral program. Wherein you and, most importantly, your customers can benefit from our Cerakote certified gun coating application process with just the click of a few buttons via our user friendly excel spreadsheet Cerakote Ticket application we provide.
Once enrolled in our Cerakote Referral Program you can offer Cerakote services at your location by sending Cerakote orders to Foley Defense for order fulfillment.
How it works:
  • Customer brings in a firearm or other item for Cerakote Coating.
  • You give them a quote based on our user friendly excel Cerakote Ticket spreadsheet.
  • When the customer chooses the type of application services you complete the Cerakote Order Form based on their parameters. (Should the customer require something that is not specified on the Cerakote Ticket, please feel free to contact us at Revolution Tactical: 304-894-8950, or at to see if their request can be met prior to accepting order.)
  • Once you receive the customers firearm into you’re A&D books under repair/gunsmithing. Give us a call and a Foley Defense representative will pick up or arrange shipping for the item.