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LASER ENGRAVING – Handguns / Parts

Provided artwork is preferred as high quality single color JPG/PDF or a vector file: AI, SVG, PNG. If the image provided is not as previously listed, our designer can recreate your design at a charge of $75 per hour for design time. Once your order is placed, we will review your graphics and contact you with further options to proceed or make changes if necessary.

We strongly recommend customers submit graphics for review when submitting any new order containing graphics or reference images in order to minimize the possibility of an order being canceled and refunded due to graphics processing issues. To submit your order for Graphics Review or a Quote Request, please select either the “Submit for Review” or “Quote Request” button at checkout, you may also use the Coupon Code “REVIEW” or “QUOTE” at checkout.

If a text option is selected, a font selection area will appear for you to to type the name of a specific font or leave blank for standard “Arial” font. You can see examples of different fonts by visiting Browse Fonts – Google Fonts.

If you select a “Laser Engrave” option, it is recommended to have Cerakote applied to the item after engraving. We recommend this due to a layer of buildup that forms around the edges of text or graphics when engraving. This buildup is removed during the Cerakote Application Process and the applied Cerakote protects the engraved area from rust or oxidation.

Foley Defense will contact you shortly after your order or quote request is submitted with any questions or suggestions we may have and further options to proceed.

If shipping is required, please select a shipping option in your Shopping Cart before checkout. Shipping charges only cover return shipping after cerakote application and is required if you send an item to us. The customer is responsible for shipping the item to us for completion of the requested service. Do not ship an item to Foley Defense without our prior approval or instruction to do so.

We do not offer shipping of Complete Firearms, Frames, Receivers, or any part that is or may be considered a firearm requiring a serial number to non-FFL customers.

A valid ID such as a drivers license is required for drop off and pick up of any Complete Firearm, Frame, Receiver and or serialized or unserialized part(s) that is or may be considered a firearm under federal law.


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